Tuesday, April 07, 2015

When a drawing is like a dream come true

It was a a few months ago when I first drew the Serene Queen of the Tween Scene for my Love of Reading series, and that was the picture my daughter got sucked into, as though the picture had its own gravitational force. She requested a print for her room and began asking for her own real life bean bag chair, and she asked with persistence and consistency. Then she delivered a report card with straight A's (again), and I knew she'd had to fight particularly hard for that A in math. So naturally I was thinking YES, you may have your very own bean bag chair, my amazing child. But she didn't want a purple one, she wanted green.

We looked around some local places, and what we found was bean bag chairs that either didn't feel so great, and/or were prone to shed, and/or could only be spot cleaned, and/or they are too pink, or too navy... or the bean bag chair is almost everything you could want but they cost three goats and a kidney (and they're not green) (and they don't do your taxes or otherwise make themselves useful around the house, like, maybe they could wash the dishes for you).

Then I turned to Google, and one link led to another, and there was Jaxx. I would now like to become the unpaid spokesperson and evangelist for Jaxx. The price is right, the colors are great, the outer covers are machine washable, the inner cover is childproof, they're pretty eco-conscious, the packaging is charming (and also pretty eco-conscious), and the bean bag feels sooooo gooood. We got a four-foot lounger, and we can both fit on it very well if we're feeling snuggly. Prop it up against something sturdy and it supports your back, or let it squoodge onto the floor unsupported and it becomes the perfect napping spot. Every time I rest on my daughter's, it's such a cushiony, peaceful embrace that I feel like I ought to be meditating, which I should do, but I haven't done in years. The dog hasn't discovered it yet but I think he will think it is heaven and Christmas and his birthday.

Now I'm thinking about getting one for my studio. I'm not sure where I'd put it, though! There's a whole lot of stuff up in here. It's like Joann's and Michael's got together and had a crazy love child which was frequently doted upon by its aunt, who happens to be a high end quilting shop, and its uncle -- Dick Blick; then it got into a dodgy relationship with a shipping supplies warehouse that leaves rigid mailers, chipboard, bubble wrap and packing tape all over the place. On that note, I think I'll go tidy up some.

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