Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Getting it Together

(A sneak preview - just a little detail of a bigger drawing to come)

Wow. The post-drawing, pre-shop-opening work continues on my new series (all about kids enjoying books) and the pieces are falling into just the right places. The shipping supplies arrived earlier today. I set up the new printer tonight, ran some test prints, and it's a peach! This is usually the hardest part for me, and I love it when it turns out so easy.
The new printer is better on matte than the old printer was. I prefer a matte surface for most things: prints, paintings, monitors, furniture, walls, lipstick... shiny is for Christmas and birthdays, and my black patent leather Doc Martens, which I want to wear with wild abandon (because I am happily stuck in the 90s and because we in the Mid-Atlantic live in a world of slush), except they hurt quite a bit (my calves and ankles are strong, but chunky). I have tried and tried to wrestle, wring, pinch, and even clamp them into the perfect broken-in state but no cigar. Anyway: long live the new printer, much easier for me to live with than the Doc Martens. I'm so relieved.

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